VJ Tasara is a sacred motion graphics artist from Seattle who has a special lens into the collective dreamspace thru her shamanic visions and her poetic eye.

She is also a passionate shamanic practitioner and teacher. She practices soul retrieval, extraction healing, curse unraveling and depossession healing. She loves to assist in co-creating healing rituals for individuals and groups.

Tasara is known for her grassroots organizing of spiritual circles, networks and sacred music events. Her theatrical background as a lighting designer influences her work, as she loves to create internal and external environments, using technology, heart and help from the spirits so that people may pass thorough the portals they are bound to find.

VJ Tasara geeks out with Adobe After Effects, Modul8 and a screaming MacBook Pro. She cut her teeth in technology at Adobe Systems where she worked for almost a decade, supporting the video products.

You can learn about her shamanic courses here: http://www.littlelight.info

Find the Turtle Spirit Jam, founded by Tasara, here.

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